Nutrition Workshop

Matt is at the Whole9 Nutrition Workshop today, if you have any curly questions you want him to ask at the Q&A session let him know, text your question to 027-2322-701


Once again thanks for all you help and positive attitudes last weekend. We have had a lot of positive feedback from our visiting lifters, about how much they enjoyed the event and how much effort the MaD CrossFit members put in to making them feel welcome. We have learned some lessons for next year and look forward to bringing you an improved event with BaD As V.

Wellington Cup

The next big event we are going to focus on is The Wellington Cup on 24th and 25th of August.

The Competition
The Wellington Cup is an individual AND team competition. CrossFit Central Wellington has invited 20 CrossFit Affiliates from New Zealand and Australia to send 4 RxD Athletes (2 Men and 2 Women) and optionally 2 Scaled Athletes (1 Man and 1 Woman), for a total of 120 Competitors.

In addition an All Star team of internationally competitive athletes has been assembled to set the bar and help provide a truly competitive event atmosphere (don’t worry, they aren’t competing for the title).

How it Works
All RxD athletes will be competing individually for the top spot. Their scores from the first day will also go towards their Affiliate’s team score.

We have allowed each Affiliate to also send 2 Scaled Athletes (1 Man and 1 Woman) to participate in the event. They will compete in the same workouts, but their score will not contribute to the team score. This is an option to allow Affiliates to send Scaled Athletes for competition experience without concern as to how they will affect the team score. This is NOT compulsory however it’s a good opportunity for you to send down some people that may have never competed before, give them some experience in a competition and to allow full participation from your box from the wider community.

Day One
There will be 4 workouts on the first day.

The first 3 workouts will be individual workouts where the RxD Athletes scores will also go towards that Affiliates team score.

The Scaled Athletes will compete in the same workouts alongside the RxD competitors (there will be no scaling, the workouts will be either medium weight/medium skill or ladder type workouts that everyone can do or at least start – much like the Open) but their scores will not go towards the Affiliate’s team score.

The 4th workout on Day One will be a Team workout, where the 4 RxD Athletes will all compete together. The scores for this workout will only go towards the Affiliates team score. This WOD has no effect on an Athlete’s individual score. The Scaled Athletes will not compete in the 4th workout.

After Day One, the team scoring component is finished  and we will know which Affiliate has won The Affiliate Cup.

Day Two
There will be 3 workouts on the second day.

All Athletes, RxD and Scaled will compete in the first workout. There will then be a cut, only the top ”X” Men and top “X” Women (TBC) will continue to the second workout. We can assume from this, that the Scaled Athletes will not be competing after WOD 1 in Day Two.

After the second workout there will be another cut for the 3rd and final WOD. The final will only consist of the top ”Y” Men and top ”Y” Women (TBC).

MaD CrossFit Team

We are looking for the full complement of 6 athletes to take part in this competition. If you are interested, let MaD know and we will look at how to help you work on your goats for the next few weeks. In July we will hold some specific competition team workouts. Then in August we will run a selection to see who gets to represent MaD CrossFit at the Wellington Cup. This looks like it will be a great event so lets put our best foot forward and get amongst it.

Functional Strength Olympic Weightlifting Postal Comp

The purpose of this competition is to encourage more of a focus on Olympic Weightlifting to improve your CrossFit. This is an opportunity to compare yourself to other CrossFitters by bodyweight and challenge yourself to achieve new personal bests.
Lifts are to be of an acceptable standard in an Olympic Lifting Competition, no elbow press-outs and make sure you are in control of the lift. Lifts must be performed in front of a CrossFit or Strength Coach to verify your results.
You or your Affiliate will submit your best Snatch and Clean and Jerk weights achieved during Monday 24 June – Saturday 29 June. Along with Bodyweight at the time of the lift. It is encouraged that you upload your lifts to the Facebook Group but not mandatory, however all submitted lift results MUST be videoed.

Important dates:
Entry fee due by: Friday 21 June
Lifts performed during: Monday 24 June – Saturday 29 June
Results/Score Sheets due by: Sunday 30 June, no later than 6pm

How to enter:
Cost: $20.00 per person
Payment to be made to:
Functional Strength
Reference on payments to be your First and Last name and CrossFit Affiliate.
After payment has been made Email with the following details: Name and CrossFit Affiliate.

Postal Competition Prizes up for grabs:
Top CrossFit Team (Team of 6, 3 Male and 3 Female)

Championships Competition Prizes up for grabs
Top 3 Male and Female placings using Sinclair formula

2013 Functional Strength Cross Fit Olympic Weightlifting Championships
Top 15 Male and 15 Female from the Postal Competition will be invited to battle it out at the Functional Strength CrossFit Olympic Weightlifting Championships on Saturday July 20, 2013. At Functional Strength HQ in Auckland.