Thoughts on the CrossFit Games

It is a week since the Games finished. Are you suffering from Games update withdrawals? Now that we have had time to think about and reflect on this years experience here are our thoughts.

Commercial? Yes there were more vendors than ever and the presence of Reebok cannot be ignored, but that did not detract from the experience.

Professional? Without a doubt, the events were well organised and well run, from a spectators point of view it was easy to watch and understand who was where in the competition.

Popular? You bet. The crowds were huge, the intimate feeling of Aromas and even two years ago has gone. That said most of the spectators CrossFit so even amongst all those strangers you have something in common. We did notice that you saw less of the athletes mingling with the crowds, they are now treated like celebrities with people wanting photos or autographs a process that can make it difficult to move around the venue for them. We were also a bit guilty of this, well not us as much as Hefty.

Test of the fittest? Even Rich Froning has said this years Games were the hardest. It was tough to watch at times as folks were destroyed by the workouts. Those who came out on top have a legit claim to the title of fittest on earth.

Inspiring? Yes, especially the Masters competition. It was great to see these athletes at the track getting the attention they deserve. If we can move like that when we are 60+ we will be very happy.

Changes? We have been to the Games for the last 5 years. In that time it has moved off the ranch in Aromas to what is now the Stub Hub Centre in LA. The crowds have gotten bigger, the events have gotten harder and the  beer tent is now air conditioned. It is an extraordinary event that allows you to see how hard the top athletes work to achieve the title of fittest on earth.

From Donna – Are you giving your training 100%?

Seeing girls clean and jerk more than 100kgs while weighing in at 60kgs was amazing. But it made me think, am I giving my training 100%?

It made me realize I may be having a bit too much fun. I love joining group classes, lifting with friends and throwing myself at metcons, but I still feel like I can work harder.

I don’t need to be games ready, but if I am showing up for that hour 4 or 5 times a week, then I better be giving it my best. I am easily distracted, chat a bit too much, and sometimes miss my last set…..

So, for me, I’ll  bring back more focus, if I am working with a partner who is lifting lighter than me, I will take the time to put on more weight,  and I will work as hard an I can for that hour.

Has seeing the games changed anything for you?

What are you training for?

Josie posted a great article about CrossFit making sports and activities fun. Read it HERE.

“The fifth level of the CrossFit hierarchy, following the bases of nutrition, metabolic conditioning, gymnastics and weightlifting is to play sports, and have fun! Participating in a sport outside of your box allows you to bring together all of the skills and physical gains you obtain inside the box, and demonstrate them in a different way.”

MaD Member of the Month

Check out our August Member of the Month – Abbie HERE.

Biggest change mentally: exercise is now for fun and enjoyment, not because I have to.”


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