Something to think about – by Donna

Sometimes things just don’t go your way. Priorities shift, sometimes family or work may be pulling you in different directions.  We get sick, pull a hamstring or have a bad fall. Shit happens.  It not only interferes with our life, it allows us to appreciate what is important.

Health, first and foremost is important. After all, there is not much left if you loose your health.  I have been battling fatigue and illness since January. Just haven’t felt myself….. I finally broke down and saw a doctor. All of a sudden I was waiting for a phone call to tell me if I did or didn’t have cancer. WHAT? Seriously? I went into the doctor’s office for a regular check up and then WHAM!

Good news is I’m fine! But I am anemic. So I am slowing getting back up to speed. Although it is disappointing that I had to take time off and my lifts are not as much as they used to be, and when I metcon I may have to take a break, I have my health. I have launched my ‘comeback’ and it started this week.

So, just remember, sometimes life can change…fast. Be mindful of what people may be going through.

CrossFit Total

Great work by the Saturday morning session, really shook up the leader boards with PR’s in individual lifts and totals as well. The two hour time frame seems to work well so we will plan on doing this again.

Gareth Back Squat

Wellington Cup

This individual and team event is next weekend. Please plan on getting down during the event to support the team, more details will be revealed on Monday and during the week, we will keep you updated. More info on the event is HERE. It will be held at Shed 1 on Queens Wharf with entry costing $5 per day, with kids under 12 free.

Wellington Cup Logo_Small copy_1

Classes next Saturday

Due to the Wellington Cup next Saturday there will only be a 9am class. NO Skill Session or Open Gym. Head on down to Shed 1 instead and cheer on your fellow MaD CrossFit members.