In House Oly Comp

For the lifters, be at the gym by 9am we will weigh you in and then get underway. There will be time to warm up and then ladies will Snatch first.

Rules: IWF Rules HERE.

Scoring: Sinclair ,Percentage of World Record, Siff, and Sinclair-Malone-Meltzer Calculator HERE.

If you are not signed up to lift in the comp you can still come in at 9am to hit a workout and stay to support the lifters

Alternative workouts:

5 RFT of:

100 Squats

35 Sit Ups

20 Push Ups


Long Cycle Burpees

50 rounds of: 1 squat-1 pushup-1 situp-1 superman-1 tuck jump

Don’t forget we have a Potluck Recipe Share Lunch today

In conjunction with the MaD Spring Paleo Challenge, Recipe Robot thought they would host a Potluck Recipe Share Lunch. It’s a casual occasion to talk about your progress on the challenge, get some new meal ideas, socialise outside of the gym and eat some good food!

All MaD members, partners and kids are welcome.

Please bring your own meat for the grill and a “Clean Paleo” dish, so everyone can enjoy it as well as a few copies of your dishes recipe that others can take home for inspiration.

Please RSVP on Facebook HERE or to Leone, with numbers and post in the comments what you’re thinking of bringing to avoid too much doubling up.  If you’re stuck and need ideas, post a comment someone may have an extra idea!

The In-house Oly Comp is being held in the morning, so come on round after that.
It’s also a good chance to farewell our loyal customer and lovely member Rose before she moves to Palmy

Hope to see you there!
Leone, Lou and Ron
Matt and Donna