In House Oly Comp

Great to see more ladies than men lifting yesterday. Next in house comp will be April next year, plenty of time for you to practice. Results are HERE, double check them for me and let me know any revisions. I will try to get the video’s done by the end of today.

Paleo Lunch

Thanks to Recipe Robot for hosting the Paleo Potluck lunch yesterday. Le and Tru opened their awesome home to the MaD CF crew and everybody brought great food to share 🙂

Run Clinic – Saturday

Sep 28 10am to Noon

Next Saturday we will be holding a two hour run clinic. This will include video analysis as well as a skills and drills session. This will be free to those signed up to the Run Technique Course. $50 for Non-members and $25 for members and 10 trip pass holders.



Run Technique Course Oct 1st to Nov 7th

Then on Tuesday October 1st Coach Lou will start another 6 week run program. Improve your run technique, reduce your run times and enjoy some time out in the fresh air.



Please post in comments if you are interested in another Gymnasty Course. Proposed dates are 26 Nov to 19 Dec. Not sure if you should do a Gymnasty Course? Here is what Leone has to say: This gymnasty course came at the right time for me. I surprised myself with things I could actually do (cartwheels and head stands) and how much easier they were to do once I learnt the correct technique (double unders-yes!)  When i signed up I didn’t actually think id be able to do much like hold myself up in a handstand. Which is encouraging to see in another way the strength I’ve gained over the last year and a half.

There were also things that are just within my grasp, so it’s given me some reachable goals and the know how to work towards them.
Truman is extremely jealous, and other members have noticed the improvements ive made too and go ‘woah thats so cool, look at you go!’ And I strut my stuff and say ‘yeah i got if from gymnasty baby!’As well as I notice other members technique and go, they must’ve done gymnasty!
Like barbell club, I’ve found the extra courses have made the world of difference in my performance at the gym, still tonnes to work on but at least I have a slightly better idea of what I should be doing. I guess that means i probably should do one of those running ones haha
I’m used to working out at night, so the time didn’t really bother me. 4 weeks was good though, especially over the winter. As we only come at 630 it meant it didn’t interfer too long with our usual schedule plus it gave me something to do while tru was away.
I like the workouts not being timed and being based more about form.
I got a couple chest to bar pull ups tonight!! Forgot to push away, but I didn’t actually think I’d get that far, so I’m stoked!

Thanks again Lou

Final Barbell Club Olympic Weightlifting Course for 2013.

The last course this year will run from 15 Oct to 21 Nov. As usual cost is $99 for the six week course. Sign up using the button below.


Powered by HYLETE

We have been stocking the Hylete shorts for almost a year now. We are excited to announce that we are now a Powered by HYLETE gym. You can now receive 20% off for life at Go to to activate your 20% off account.

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MaD Hylete Shorts

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