New Gym Rule

From now on only Bro Witness is allowed to take his shirt off during workouts. That is all. #browitness

24 Hour Fundraiser

Huge thanks to my team, Abbie, Amy, Gareth, Gus and Tracey. You really represented MaD CF well. Your honesty with your own rep counting and holding yourselves and others to standard was great to see. You were great to work with and made a long day fun and pleasurable. Thanks again team, you rock! – Matt.

Thanks also to all those who came along to lend their support at the venue and all those who supported us with donations, all greatly appreciated. 🙂

Gareth 24 Hr workouts

Gareth still smiling as he heads out on the first run of the last of 24 workouts 🙂

Spring Clean Up

We are having a super busy weekend, so the winners of the Spring Clean Up are going to be announced on Monday. So hold on for one more day, I know the anticipation is killing you 🙂

Paleo – Individual experiences may vary

Paleo for me (Donna):

This journey started for me in 2008. I met this guy by the name of Robb Wolf and he was so excited about spreading the paleo word, I bought in hook line and sinker! My friend Eva Claire was also pro paleo and great support while making this shift in eating.

I eat clean most of the time. Clean for me means, meat and lots of veggies, some fat, and no sugar. I try to add green stuff with each meal and if I eat bread or goodies that are deemed ‘paleo’ I consider those, my cheats. If I totally fall off the wagon, then it’s hot chips.

I have the occasional beer, more than occasional wine and indulge in bacon. I know this will not get me 6 pack abs, and I’m ok with that. I know exactly what I would have to do to get lean and mean, but to be honest, it’s just not that important to me.

What is important to me is that I eat to be healthy, I lift to be strong and I bike for have fun. I turned 49 on Friday. They say as you get older you get wiser. I’m not really sure about that. BUT, I definitely know what I want, and how much I’m willing to sacrifice to get that.

What is paleo to you?