You may have done another version of this workout, but today we have:

“The Bear“ For Time

5 Rounds for time.

7 sets of the following complex

Power Clean

Front Squat

Push Press

Back Squat

Push Press

*1 minute rest between rounds.

Rx weight is 60/40kg

Compare to Jul 11

Spring Clean Up Winners

The winners are:

Kyle and Kirstin.

Congratulations, your next month at the gym is on us and we have a Reciepe Robot meal voucher for you to pick up next time you are in the gym.

Great effort by all those who took part. I know there were a whole lot of PR’s on “Christine” so make sure you celebrate them and record them on the PR Board.

Good to see you all in the gym more during the month. But mention has to go to Paule who racked up a whooping 30 visits in September 🙂

Also ladies pat yourselves on the back you averaged 16.3 visits for the month versus the guys at 13.6, still some work to do there fellas.

Now a few words from one of our winners:

Hello Donna,

I’ve been really enjoying coming to the classes.  I am having a great time with the coaches.  I’ve been able to SEE a difference in my body with the 30 day challenge with clean eating.  I’ve been able to keep strict paleo to it and the constant workouts at class has accelerated the process of transformation!

As I am not home to get my pictures off my camera… I have attached a similar likeness of my success to this email below.

BEFORE                           AFTER

Some more stuff I like is the encouragement that I get from ALL of my coaches.  I really like that they are focused on making sure I get the most out of my workout without being damaged in the process.  I enjoy the challenge that comes along with working in a class.  I finding I enjoy coming to classes and how I am starting to see a difference every day it seems.

Many thanks, and try to have a good Monday!