Saturday Sessions

Great work by the Saturday morning crew, these are usually a team or partner workout and are a great opportunity to workout with someone new. Maybe even a visitor from Canada like yesterday, Sean you are welcome back any time.

Best comment from yesterday. “We forgot to count our reps”, Matt’s response “Did you get a workout in, did you have fun?” the reply, “yes and yes”. Sometimes the time and score don’t matter, just make sure you enjoy yourself and get sweaty 🙂

Free Intro Sessions

If you have a group of friends you want to introduce to CrossFit, we will put together a session time that works for them, just talk to us in the gym or fire a message to

Barbells For Boobs – Breast Cancer Awareness

This month is breast cancer awareness month. Next Saturday we will have a workout at 9am to raise funds for the NZ Breast Cancer Foundation, this will be gold coin donation on the day.


Next Saturday at 10am we will have our second yoga session with Megan, once again please bring your own mat if you have one.

Rest Days

Rest days are there for recovery, when I say rest I don’t mean do nothing. Hopefully the weather holds for today and you can get outside and move. Maybe it is just to walk, maybe something more involved, what ever it is, get up and move, your body will thank you for it.