Breast Cancer Fund Raiser

Thanks for your support yesterday, we hope you enjoyed the workout and the yoga session afterwards. We raised over $180 on the day and will leave the bucket out for the rest of the week in case you missed out on donating.

Next Weekend

A few things to look forward to for next weekend.

Saturday at 9am

The folks from WOF CrossFit in Porirua will be paying us a visit to join us in a team workout. Please welcome them in and make the feel at home.

Then at 10am

The skills session is Kettlebells, come and work on your basic skills or try something a little more advanced.

Monday hours

Monday is Labour Day so have a sleep in. First session will be at 9am, with Open Gym for Unlimited members at 10am. Evening hours are normal.

JAW Grips

If you want your own pair of JAW gymnastics grips like we have in the gym, head to They arrive in a couple of days and are worth the investment.


Thanks to all those bringing in lemons, everyone else, make sure you help yourselves and take some home 🙂