Congratulations Nick and Amy, welcome to the world Baby Boy Hale.

Time for some more Hang Power Cleans 2 x 8 – Once again, work position, movement, speed and then load.

Then Tabata Farmers walk or Suitcase carry AHAP for total distance 🙂

Saturday at 9am

The folks from WOF CrossFit in Porirua will be paying us a visit to join us in a team workout. Please welcome them in and make the feel at home. This is a free class to ALL members and doesn’t count as a weekly visit.

Then at 10am

The skills session is Kettlebells, come and work on your basic skills or try something a little more advanced.

Monday hours

Monday is Labour Day so have a sleep in. First session will be at 9am, with Open Gym for Unlimited members at 10am. Evening hours are normal.