Workout with WOF

Thanks to all those who came along yesterday to workout with the folks from WOF CrossFit. Great team workout. Good to see you working together, like we say, it is not all about competition. Now go enjoy the rest of your weekend.

24 Hour Fundraiser

A big thanks from the beneficiaries to all those who contributed to the 24 hour fundraiser.

Thank you Mad Crossfit for your donations towards the help of me and my children to deal with the lost of my wife their lovely mother who is missed soooooo much, with your help it helps us.Just wanna say thankyou and much appreciated for your support.1 LOVE, 1 HEART, 1 WHANAU….


me and my kids.

Monday hours

Monday is Labour Day so have a sleep in. First session will be at 9am, with Open Gym for Unlimited members at 10am. Evening hours are normal.

Breast Cancer Fundraising

Thanks to all your contributions, we have raised over $200.00 for the Breast Cancer Foundation.