2nd Annual Trans Tasman Challenge

We will run two sessions today, one at 9am and another at 11am. At the 11am session we hope to have a live Skype link with CFD. After we are done, there will be a few beersies available, before a group of us head into Makara to support the ladies taking part in the Women of Dirt 6 hour mountain bike race.

The workouts:


With an 8 minute running clock:

3 minute AMRAP of Double Unders – can be scaled to singles, 3 singles = 1 Double Under


5 minutes to establish a 1 RM Thruster. You will start with an empty bar and set of weights, you must load your own bar and clips must be on before you attempt a lift. This must be a Thruster, jerks will result in a NO REP! Score is Thruster weight x 2.


12 minute AMRAP of:

Row 500m,

21 WallBalls 20/14# to 10/9’,

15 KB Swings 24/16kg,

9 Push Ups

Scaling is permitted, you will just do more reps.


Same as last year, a 9 minute CHAMRAP (Chipper AMRAP) of:

50 Squats
45 Sit Ups
40 Lateral Jumps over 10kg plate
35 Burpees
30 DB Push Press 15/10kg
25 Box Jumps 24/20″
20 Double Unders
15 TTB
5 Muscle Ups

If you complete the 5 Muscle Ups then start a second round with 50 Squats, 45 Sit Ups etc.


If you have one, please wear your #browitness T Shirt, lets use this opportunity to celebrate Matty’s 15 minutes of fame.

Bro witness


There is often a lot of controversy regarding what is paleo and what isn’t paleo. Some bloggers and authors advocate certain approaches to a ‘paleo diet’. Some say dairy is okay while others say you must strictly avoid it. With all this differing information out there it can get confusing right? What should I be eating??

The best answer is there is no set ‘diet’ that modern humans should all be following. The word diet refers to a set of parameters that should be followed and adhered to and leaves little room for individualisation and experimentation.

Some people clearly do better with no dairy products. Yet others seem to thrive on them. some feel better with a low-carb approach while others feel better eating more especially if they are extremely active. Some require a higher protein intake while others do well when they eat a smaller amount.

Chris Kresser explains it by saying you should follow a ‘paleo template’ which is a more flexible individualised approach. A template contains a basic format or set of general guidelines that can then be customised based on the unique needs and experience of each person.

Don’t get hung up on ‘is this paleo’ or ‘should I be eating this’ but instead find out what YOUR BODY requires for fuel. Listen to your own body, experiment and consider your own specific circumstances.

Your template should be based on:

NOT CONSUMING TOXINS – avoid industrial and processed foods, oils and sugar.

NOURISH YOUR BODY – emphasise saturated and monounsaturated fat, favour glucose and starch over fructose, and favour animal protein

EAT REAL FOOD – grass-fed, organic, wild caught, local produce where possible. Avoid processed, refined and packaged food.

Beyond that, experiment and LISTEN TO YOUR BODY.

For someone with an autoimmune disease, dairy products, nightshades and eggs might be problematic yet for others these foods are often well tolerated.

Write your own prescription 🙂