Hopper Deck Day

Like the previous Hopper Deck sessions we will be selecting a workout from the “Hopper Deck”. Everyone has to agree to the workout, otherwise it is 10 Burpees to draw another card.

If the next class wants to do the same workout as the previous one there is a 10 burpee buy in. Otherwise they can take a chance and draw their own card.

Back to Basics

• Stance = hip width
• Hands just outside the shoulders
• Bar in front, resting on the “rack” or “shelf” created by the shoulders
• Elbows down and in front of bar; elbows are lower than in the front squat
• Tight midsection
• Closed grip, with thumbs around the bar
• The cue for the action is “Press”
• Drive through heels; keep the whole body rigid; tight belly
• Bar travels straight up to locked out, with active shoulders, directly overhead
• Head accommodates bar (bar path is a straight line)