Back Squat 5 x 5

Then a 12 minute AMRAP of:

7 DB Push Press 15/10kg

7 Toes To Bar

7 Box Jumps 24/20″

Strength Training

Why CrossFitters Should Do CrossFit Strongman

  • CrossFit Strongman increases real-world strength, because in daily life we are required to move odd objects such as a grocery bag or a child as efficiently as possible. Barbells exist only in a gym setting.
  • These movements are great for posterior-chain development, a necessity for someone striving to become a good CrossFitter.
  • CrossFit Strongman programming provides CrossFitters with a variety of different stimuli, all aimed at achieving an increase in work capacity – which translates to an increase in your CrossFit ability.
  • CrossFit Strongman, like CrossFit itself, simultaneously integrates metabolic conditioning and strength training.
  • CrossFit movements are designed to move “large loads long distances quickly.” Those words are drilled into the mind of anyone who’s ever attended a Level 1 Trainer Course. There is no better expression of that key CrossFit principle than moving a yoke that is three times your body weight across a football field in 30 seconds. How about carrying 1.25 times body weight in each hand the same distance in less than 30 seconds or flipping a 700-lb. tire for max reps in 60 seconds? They all equate to large loads moved long distances very quickly.

Don’t forget the skill session at 10am tomorrow is Strongman Skills 🙂