Got to love this great weather. Great to be able to get you working out outside.

Bring a Friend Workout

Next Saturday, last one for 2013. Introduce your friends and family to MaD CrossFit.

Free class for all, does not count as one of your weekly visits.

Pre Christmas Partner Challenge – Sat Dec 21st 2013


December 21st, partner workout! Buddy up with someone from MaD. Start time 9am – 12pm. BBQ to Follow. Bring a paleo(ish) dish to share and whatever you like to drink. MaD will supply the meat! Families are welcome to come watch and to BBQ.

We have 10 teams signed up already, join the rest of the MaD CrossFit crew for the final workout before Christmas

Sunday Reading

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“As far as a strength cycle goes…get real —  you should always be in a strength cycle. CF is a strength game, and if you should understand and approach it as such any other way, that does not make sense.”

Coach’s Corner: Absolute Strength is the Key – Read the entire article HERE.

“So often we stress the physical aspects at the gym and neglect the mental. However, the mental aspect of CrossFit needs to considered regularly. Our mind can often be the determining factor between bad, good, or even great workouts and/or results.”

10 Things Mentally Strong CrossFitters Don’t Do – Read the entire article HERE.

“If you’re trying to master the OLifts and you regularly bounce back and forth between solid OL technique and disgusting mutant CrossFit power snatch technique for your WODs, it’s gonna be extremely tough for you to build the kind of skill we’re talking about.”

The 1000 Rep Problem – Read the entire article HERE.