“Practice does not make perfect. Only perfect practice makes perfect.” – Vince Lombardi


How are you basic movements? Still getting corrected by coaches on your squat, press, deadlift, power clean, rowing etc? What are you going to do about it?

“There is a compelling tendency among novices developing any skill or art, whether learning to play the violin, write poetry, or compete in gymnastics, to quickly move past the fundamentals and on to more elaborate, more sophisticated movements, skills, or techniques. This compulsion is the novice’s curse—the rush to originality and risk.”—Greg Glassman, Aug 2005

Fundamentals, Virtuosity and Mastery


Consistency is key. If you started CrossFit and haven’t nailed consistency then you are just treading water. Dabbling in CrossFit will get you no where. If you’re not coming in 3 or more times each week, you will struggle to get better. Get your calendar and schedule your visits like appointments you can’t break.


So your shoulders are tight. You sit at a desk all day and your hips are tight. You worked out 3 days in a row and didn’t put in the stretching or rolling out time. What ever your excuse, STOP-DROP-AND ROLL! Just do it. We give you all the tools in foundations and class to gain more flexibility. Make up a 10 minute routine you can do each night.  You’ll get more out of your training AND feel better in general.

Good Pain vs Bad Pain

If you feel like a vertebrae is going to shoot across the room and knock someone out, please stop. I was so shitty at this that my coaches had to resort to crouching in my face and asking me: “Carina: Good pain or bad pain?!” As soon as I’d grunt bad pain under my breath they’d take me out of the WoD. I’d be mad at them for 10 minutes, then relieved. I am not afraid to tell that you I couldn’t trust myself to tell the difference. I asked for help and got it. If it causes more pain, you need to stop doing it. The pages you wrote yesterday produced the story you have today. It didn’t work out.’

25 Injury Insights Every CrossFit Enthusiast Needs to Know

Bad Technique and Form

“Bad Technique and form is not only a dangerous habit, but just plain lazy. When you train, technique and form are critical to progressing, training appropriate muscle memory, and preventing serious injury. A big mistake that many athletes make is compromising form or technique for speed in a workout. If you are unsure about your form, find a certified and experienced coach in your sport of choice to give you proper direction.”

Your 5 worst fitness habits



Mountain Bike Skills Clinic – Join us at 11am at Wainui MTB Park, Waiau St Carpark. Suitable for all levels.

Christmas CrossFit Gifts

Want to get your favourite CrossFiter something for the festive season. Check out our Store HERE, you might also want to purchase a voucher for individual training or perhaps a spot in the Handstand Clinic in February. Talk to MaD and we can sort something out for you.

Sunday Reading

“In terms of their loading strength, bones are stronger than steel. Think about it — there are people who weigh a few hundred pounds walking around on what are basically skinny sticks stuck together with a few straps of protein. Each step produces thousands of Newtons of force on the skeleton.”

“The expression “You can’t fire a cannon out of a canoe!” has been used to describe the importance of having a stable base when you try to apply force.”

Squeeze your Glutes during Overhead Presses

“You want to pull the bar as fast as possible from the floor while still maintaining proper balance and positions.”

Technical Glitches I’m Seeing A Lot These Days, Part 1