Barbell Total

Some great lifting yesterday with the Barbell Total. Power Lifting rules made things a little bit different, but still a lot of PR’s around the place.

Results are in yesterdays comments 🙂

Many's easy opener 150kg

Pre Christmas Partner Challenge – Sat Dec 21st 2013


December 21st, partner workout! Buddy up with someone from MaD. Start time 9am – 12pm. BBQ to Follow. Bring a paleo(ish) dish to share and whatever you like to drink. MaD will supply the meat! Families are welcome to come watch and to BBQ. Plenty of spots left.

Still a few team names to be confirmed, but can you match these names to the members in them?

The Slow Learners
Rad to the power of Sick
MaD Masters
Swole Sistas
Bacon Rx
Santa’s Little WODers
Top Guns
Here for Beer
Mr & Mrs Smith
POD (Police of the Day)
Team Rocket (Because ‘Team OMG Last Years Partner Workout Hurt So Bad’ is probably a bit long…)
Dee Roc
WODdy Good Fun
Team Muppets
Team Yippie-Kai-Yay!
Needs a Partner

Handstand Workshop – Beginners workshop already half sold, get in quick for the remaining spots.

Miguel Sant’ana makes the, often elusive, art of handstand look effortless.  If you have ever attempted it yourself you know it’s not!!  It takes perseverance, core strength, focus and flexibility.  Miguel’s technique will give you the foundation to start this journey or take you to the next level in your practice.

The workshop would be based on flexibility (mainly shoulders), a mobility workout for shoulders and wrists, parallel bars exercises to help gain core strength like L-sit, V-sit and straddle sit, preparation for straight handstand, preparation for handstand push ups, preparation for handstand walking, bar workout, climb the rope and will end with core strength training.

Basically everything that you train on your hands. This workshop is focused on hand balance.

Workshop for Beginners: Saturday Feb. 22, 11-3pm Cost $50

Advanced Workshop (must have attended beginners session) Sunday, Feb 23, 11-3pm Cost $50


This will initially be offered to MaD CF Members only, if we cannot fill 20 spots we will open it to the public.

If you want to know more about Miguel check out his website HERE.

Sunday Reading

“Would you ever just walk up to a barbell and attempt to lift it without knowing how much weight was on it? Would you just start swinging a kettlebell without counting your reps? So, why would you get on a rowing machine, or ergometer, and refuse to look at the monitor while you row?”

2 Numbers that will make you a better rower

“The belt vs. beltless discussion is a common one in the strength world.”

Should you wear a belt or not?

“Although weightlifting could be considered an individual sport, there is a good chance you will be on some sort of team or at the very least train with others at some point in your career. So the question is, Are you someone whom others want to train with, or are you the jackass that makes people cringe when you walk into the gym?”

Are you a good team mate?