This is awesome, checkout the scene at 4:16 🙂

Next Saturday is our Pre Christmas Partner Challenge

Start time 9am – 12pm. BBQ to Follow. Please bring a paleo(ish) dish to share and whatever you like to drink. MaD will supply the meat! Families are welcome to come watch and to BBQ.

Sunday Reading

Scott Mayo founder of, an app for the fitness industry

Small Business: App creators – Scott Mayo

“Every lifter goes through times when things just aren’t right.  You can’t figure out why you are missing but it keeps happening.  Nothing feels right, nothing moves right, and nothing is landing.”

4 Ways to fix your lifts

“But what does it mean to be badass? I’ve managed to put together a number of tell-tale signs. Have a read through the list. Have you got what it takes? Are you truly hardcore? Here are twelve dead giveaways that you are one seriously badass mofo.”

So You Think You’re Badass? 12 Tell-Tale Signs

“Researchers asked, “What type of exercise will elicit the most hormonal response – machines or free weights?”

This is why we squat