Thanks to all who took part , supported or joined us for the BBQ after at the Pre Christmas Partner Challenge yesterday. It was an awesome day, good competition, great support and great food at the BBQ. Watch Facebook and Flikr for pics from yesterday (we alone have over 400!).

Best results overall went to Josh and Rich, with Paule and Tracey in second and Rocky and Matty coming in third. Great work by all the teams. I know there were more than a few PR’s on the Bench and Front Squat, so well done folks.

Special thanks for Mr. & Mrs. Dear for running the grill!! You came to NZ all the way from the UK to BBQ! Cheers!!
Maddie – is offering a spray tan special for all those who participated.
“Summers here and time to hit the beach, Don’t worry if you’re not beach ready Maddie from Rock a Bella Spray Tans can have you tanned in no time.Using organic spray tanning solution that only needs 2 hours on the skin! For all of you who participated here’s an offer for you a spray tan for only $25!”

Thank you Emma W for bringing in all those books! Man they went fast! Only one partial box left, if those don’t go, we will donate them to the library.

The food pantry will be happy! Thank you all so much for filling that sucker up!

Food bank

Christmas Hours

Sun 22 to Sun 29 Dec – CLOSED

Monday Dec 30 to Fri 3 Jan
9am, 5pm and 6:30pm CLASSES ONLY


Sat 4 January 2014
10am – Noon OPEN GYM

Mon 6 January 2014 – NORMAL CLASSES RESUME

Sunday Reading

“The timing and precision of the turnover in the clean can be the difference between a make and a miss, or can prevent the recovery from being so taxing that a subsequent jerk fails.”

Improving the Clean through a Better Turnover

“I’m excited. I’m getting stronger. I’m learning new skills and I’m making new friends who are committed as well. We do it together, as a team. We are all fearful of the WOD most days and somehow we get through it and after a few weeks I now start to recognize that while fear may always exist, I’m not moving forward and progressing if I let it hold me back.”

What CrossFit Means To Me: A Way To PR at Life

“CrossFit is the greatest thing that has ever happened to barbell training, bar none, unequivocally and absolutely.”

CrossFit: The Good, Bad, and the Ugly