Merry Christmas to one and all

Run, ride or swim 5K.

If you are short of time hit Death by 10m instead. In the 1st minute run 10m, in the 2nd add another 10m shuttle, continue adding 10m shuttles until you are unable to complete the required number in the minute. Foot plant only, no hand touch required 🙂

Christmas 2013 2.0

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Win a Free Spray Tan from Maddie

Rules: answer the question correctly, in comments and you can win a free spray tan.  Maddie from Rock a Bella Spray Tans can have you tanned in no time. Using organic spray tanning solution that only needs 2 hours on the skin

The first correct answer posted in comments wins. If no correct answer is given then the answer closest wins. Winners will be posted in that days comments at the end of the day

You’ll have 5 chances to win!

Christmas Day Question: How many couples do we have at MaD CrossFit?