Healthier 2014 Challenge

This year we are making the challenge not just about eating, but about the 9 factors that the Whole 9 believes are factors important to achieving optimal health. Read more HERE.

They will also be launching a new Whole 30 that will launch Jan 1st. These will be your guidelines towards a healthier 2014. Whole new Whole 30.

Details for a “Healthier 2014”

Starts  Jan 13th
Sign up online
Benchmark Workout
Before & After Photos
Workout 3x or more each week
Keep a Food Log
Nutrition Seminar (Skill Session)
Goal Setting Tips
Whole30 Guidebook (Due to launch Jan. 1)

This is not simply a weight loss challenge, it’s about all things CrossFit. That is, getting stronger, faster, fitter, and healthier. If your goal is to lose weight, gain strength, get in shape, this is for you!

For 30 days you will be following the New Whole30.  They will launch Jan 1st and will have a website full of information to help guide to your success.

We  prefer not to charge for this, in order to encourage you all to do it, at whatever level you’re willing take it too. Therefore, we will schedule the benchmark workout at the beginning and end of the 30 days and you’ll need to do the following:

    • Take a full frontal and profile photographs. All photographs are in shorts and a sports bra for the ladies. Men please keep your shorts ON.
    • Take body measurements and chest, waist, hips, leg and arm.
    • Take body weight.

What this challenge IS NOT:

  • This is NOT a biggest loser competition. This is not about improving one number, but 5 different numbers that measure your health
  • This is NOT a resolution. Resolutions do not work and are a waste of time. This is not about making a short-term change but about realizing the lifelong benefit of healthy eating.

Are you friends with Matt or Donna on Facebook? Are you part of the MaD Eating Clean group? If not let us know. If you don’t have a FB account, you’re missing lots of free information and group support from your own community at MaD CrossFit. This is a private group so you can share recipes, advice, and support each other.

Make a commitment and sign up here:


(please do not send MaD an email with the list of excuses why you ‘can’t’ do this)

Sunday Reading

” What does it take to be a weightlifter?”

The Weightlifter List: The 8 Qualities You Strive to Have In Weightlifting.

“Try it for yourself. Dive into a new program every so often and immerse yourself in it. Then, after you finish it, go ahead and critique it. Mine the gems, and then adapt and adopt them into your normal training. But, first, finish what you started”

The fitness rule you must follow

“The problem is this…you make up your mind ahead of time that you’re going to MAKE certain weights, and you’re only going to TRY other ones.”

A mental problem many of you have