Reminder 9am, 5pm and 6:30pm Classes only.

Last day to choose on of the girl workouts, we saved the best til last.


5 Rounds of:

20 Pull Ups

30 Push Ups

40 Sit Ups

50 Squats

Rest 3 mins between rounds




Thrusters 42.5/30kg

Pull Ups

Holiday Workout

Double Unders – Sub Lateral Jumps over a line on the ground if you don’t have a rope.


Why should a man weightlift? I will answer it like this, borrowing from Saxon: There will sometimes be in the course of a man’s life when he is presented with an object he strongly desires to lift. It might be a boulder, a couch, or a donkey. But if the man has not practiced the sport of weightlifting, his desire will be met in short time with disappointment.”

10 Things All Strong People Know