1st Bring a Friend for 2014 🙂

Today is a Bring a Friend workout. Introduce your friends and family to CrossFit. This session is free to all and does not count as one of your weekly visits. This one is a slight variation on a workout we have used before and that has been requested by several members.

“Roll the Dice #2”

In teams of 2, five Rounds For Time of:

As a team Run 200 meters.

When you get back to the gym roll the dice and do 20 repetitions of two random exercises determined with every roll of the dice

1= Burpees – 2= Push ups

3= Weighted Lunges 15/10kg

4= Goblet Squat 24/16kg

5= Box Jumps (24/20″)

6= Push Balls (20/14 lbs) to 9′

You can break up this work anyway you want with one person working at a time.

Nutrition Q & A

At 10am we will have a Nutrition Q & A session. Bring all your nutrition questions and we will try to demystify Paleo/Primal/Clean Eating for you before the Healthier 2014 Challenge begins on Monday.

More info on the Nutrition Challenge is HERE in the Dec 29 Rest Day Post.


Back to Basics

I lost more than half a season to unrealistic expectations and a childish “more is better” approach to climbing and CrossFit. Now that I’ve committed to the process rather than the result and can be consistent in my workouts, my training is more effective and even more enjoyable. My gains are slower in the short term, but over a longer timeline they are far greater due to my ability to be constant.

Consistency Before Intensity