WOD Jan 14

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January 14, 2014 1:29 am

Choose Your Own Adventure!!!

4 Rounds for Time:

Station 1: 125 Double Unders or 400m Run or 500m Row

Station 2: 10 Pushups or 10 Ring Pushups or 10 Hand Stand Pushups

Station 3: 30 Lateral Jumps over Parallettes or 30 Box Jumps (30″/24″) or 30 Box Jump Overs (20″/15″)

Once you select an exercise at a station, you must use that exercise for all 4 rounds.

Thanks to CF King of Prussia.

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  • I really enjoyed this one! Maybe not while it was happening, but I now have fond memories. Thanks Rocky and 7am, fun class as always :)

  • It looks like I’m picking my nose.

  • Lou, not when you click on it, then it looks like you are being very pensive or you are chewing your nails :-)

  • Fun times at 0900h. Great work all. Was happy to have chosen DUs, need the practice. Did ring pushups for first time today, fun. Finished in 23:40-something I think. Impressed with Anna’s strict HSPUs, wow. Thanks Rocky! Enjoy the nice day all.

  • I’m probably contemplating how I’m going to get over the wall. Still funny!

  • Anna Cochrane

    Fun workout! Thanks Rocky. I have to say, I enjoy double-under day a lot more than bench day 😉 Enjoying these little/not-so-little metcons between lifting days. Fun fun. (thanks Paule. nice one for doing the double-unders).

  • Jumping on the ‘this was a fun one’ bandwagon! Chose to row rather than have a thousand whip marks, wise decision I think. I agree with Anita, I love the surprise metcon between the lifting to break things up. Thanks Rocky and 6am!

  • For my adventure I chose rowing god knows why! Excited as I did the box jumps RX so having a proud moment

  • Hot, hot, hot workout today. Didn’t enjoy it at the time but felt pretty good afterwards.
    I choose to Run as I hate it and need all the practice I can get, then Push Ups and Box Jump Overs Rx 21:20.

    Thanks Matt and 5pmers :)

  • I LOVE RUNNING….run, push ups, and scaled box step ups. fun class, thanks Matt and 5pmers. Even had a few back from holiday at the 6:30!

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