WOD Jan 15

January 15, 2014 1:35 am

Deadlift 2 x 8 @ 78-78-83-83-88-88-88-88%, if you are new, work up to a heavy double.

Then a 12 Min AMRAP of:

15 Push Ups

10 KB Swings 24/16kg

5 Dips – feel free to scale up if you like.


Anna and Rob

Handstand Workshop

Miguel Sant’ana makes the, often elusive, art of handstand look effortless.  If you have ever attempted it yourself you know it’s not!!  It takes perseverance, core strength, focus and flexibility.  Miguel’s technique will give you the foundation to start this journey or take you to the next level in your practice.

The workshop would be based on flexibility (mainly shoulders), a mobility workout for shoulders and wrists, parallel bars exercises to help gain core strength like L-sit, V-sit and straddle sit, preparation for straight handstand, preparation for handstand push ups, preparation for handstand walking, bar workout, climb the rope and will end with core strength training.

Basically everything that you train on your hands. This workshop is focused on hand balance.

Workshop for Beginners: Saturday Feb. 22, 11-3pm Cost $50

Advanced Workshop (must have attended beginners session) Sunday, Feb 23, 11-3pm Cost $50

[button size=”medium” link=”https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1RMeB7QBxwgIBBmDw8P-RGtChXr12frhBeU_aJim1OJ0/viewform”]HANDSTAND WORKSHOP – SIGN UP HERE[/button]

This will initially be offered to MaD CF Members only, if we cannot fill 20 spots we will open it to the public.

If you want to know more about Miguel check out his website HERE.

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  • great workout…was surprised how fast the exercises went away. thanks Paule for doing extra credit with me. Yay rope climbs and wall overs :)

  • Great action picture btw…Yup, the pushups and ring dips went away quick, but great to do that WOD with 0900h class great job all. Nice work on DL platform buddy Tash. Thanks Donna. Rope climbs were good and tried wall overs for first time and real fun. Cheers Anna.

  • Fun morning classes, some mighty fine looking deadlifts today. NEW RECORD for the 7am class!! with 10! Great to see you all so bright and early this morning!

  • Epic photo is epic. Didn’t know the T-1000 trained here. Did magic ring dips today. One round of them and my push ups just disappeared! Lou also reminded me how to do deadlifts again, thanks Lou.

  • Interesting numbers on the board tonight. fyi, if you got more than 6 round and weren’t going rx’d you need to make it harder. Build strength.

  • Great photo of Mike braving the rain. That was fun. :)
    Good night in the gym tonight except when Sara and I killed a kitten. :( Poor thing (well, not a real kitten, a barbell).
    Tough metcon. 4 rounds plus 10 reps for me, scaled. Always fun working side by side Leone and just behind behind Jo. Arms are toast, nearly dropped a jar of peanut butter in the store tonight because I could hardly hold it. Had all the girls massage my arms tonight in an attempt to loosen them up a little. :)
    Cheers Lou for the outstanding coaching as well as Lea.

  • Busy 6am class thanks Donna and Josh, did some deadlifts and a workout Donna counted for me and I got 17 rounds! haha

  • First session back for 2014. Great to be back with such a supportive 630 class :) Managed some heavy dead lifts. Metcon was hard after the first round – strength for push-ups just went away. Managed 4 plus 15 scaled. Thanks to awesome dead lift partner Leone and coaches Lou and Lea :)

  • Dead lift: 130,130,140,140,150,150,150,150kg

    Metcon: 4 rounds + 28 reps

    Cheers Lou and 17:30ers!

  • Dead lift: 130,130,140,140,150,150,150,150kg

    Metcon: 4 rounds + 28 reps

    Cheers Lou and 17:30ers!

  • Arghhhh crap entered it twice!

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