As we are closed this weekend with ONLY one session on Monday at 6:30pm, here is another bodyweight workout for you.

3 Rounds of:

30m Bear Crawl

30m Inch Worm with push up

30m Burpee broad jumps

🙂 🙂 🙂

Sunday Reading

There are two basic schools of thought on competition lifts: One uses competitions to achieve PRs, and one uses competition to make lifts. In other words, the former wants to lift as heavy as possible, taking more risk; the latter wants to make 6 of 6 lifts on the platform, which may mean not even reaching the lifter’s gym PRs.

Predicting Snatch and Clean & Jerk 1RMs

 What else adds to tight ankles? Have you ever sprained your ankle(s)? Did you sprain it (or them) multiple times? And you didn’t do anything to treat it? Yes. Yes. Yes. It seems that most people have sprained/rolled their ankle at some point. So add in some inflammation, scar tissue and messed up ankle mechanics after injury and you will have an even tighter ankle.

Loosen Up! Say No to Tight Ankles

I continue to hear about lifters that are fascinated with the Bulgarian method of training, practice it and swear that it is THE WAY to train.  I’m speaking about the practice of going up to max singles on every lift every training day.

The goal of the program was to start with 3200 select weightlifters at the beginning of each quad and end up with the 10 left standing at the end of four years.  These 10 would form the Olympic teams.  There is no mention of the fate of the 3190 who didn’t make the team.

Oh, and Don’t Forget……….