6 Rounds For Time of: (use reps given for each round)

Squat 80-64-50-32-16-8

KB Swing 40-32-25-16-8-4 24/16kg

Pull Ups 20-16-12-8-4-2

Compare to Aug 29 and no I didn’t post this workout just because Garry Jones was in the gym on Wednesday 🙂

Guest post from Josh – “Cheating Reps”

I had an interesting experience during the WOD this morning.

Most of you know me and you know I don’t often finish the WOD last, it has happened, and I don’t mean to be a douche about it but it really doesn’t happen often. Now I know that where you finish in relation to your class members is not what we are about but there is no denying that it effects you. It was a weird feeling, I could hear and see people calling time and sitting on their boxes, I was no where near finished, I knew I had at least two maybe three more minutes worth of work to do, and I had not been mucking around, I had not stopped for a break at all. It didn’t feel like a hard task; wall balls and weighted step ups and I had been moving strongly the whole time. So how were these people beating me? And by so much? I tried to move faster but I was already moving pretty quickly, crazy thoughts started entering my head that I know everybody feels at times “16 step ups this round, maybe 12 is enough? These guys are already done!”, “Damn, that wall ball wasn’t quite high enough, maybe I could let it count anyway? No one will know.”

But I couldn’t do it, I couldn’t count missed reps, I couldn’t short change my rep numbers. What would that have achieved? So I would have finished mid pack instead of last, high five for me. Mid pack, with an Rx next to my name? That Rx would be a lie! Mid pack, with my time on the board for all to see, but knowing inside that I didn’t do as much work as everybody else, so my time was irrelevant, it didn’t even deserve to be on the board!

So I carried on, I kept moving, hit all the reps and called Time when I was done, completely done, done with everything I had set out to do at the start, done the same as everybody else who had worked out with me and cheered me on to the end. I felt good, very quickly it didn’t matter where I finished in relation to everyone else, they didn’t care either. The feeling of pride that I had ignored those cheating thoughts and worked through with integrity to the end was a better feeling than finishing mid pack, knowing I had cheated, could ever have been.

You know what I found out afterwards? I had done more than prescribed, I hadn’t paid attention to the briefing (a completely different issue which I may talk about later) and I had done twice as many step up reps as we had been asked to do.

So I wasn’t doing exactly the same workout as everyone else, if I had cheated I really would have only been cheating myself!!!!

Every class of every day has people of widely varying strengths and skills. They all lead very different lives outside of the gym, some come in tired from kids (or pets) keeping them up all night, some have had a bad day at work, some are hung over, some have been doing the paleo challenge and are feeling more fired up and better than ever ready to smash this workout!!!!!!

The point is everyone is there for different reasons, some working on weaknesses while others work with strengths, and this will be happening side by side.

No one cares about your time or your finishing position, what we care about is seeing you put in the work, especially when it gets hard. We care about seeing you push through to get those final reps (and get them well) when you all you want to do is call time and collapse in a heap. We care about seeing you succeed, and cheating on the workout, cheating reps, cheating friends, and cheating yourself is never going to lead to success.

Trust the process people, trust yourself. Enjoy the process, you will get stronger, fitter, and faster if you do the work.


Strength in the Face of Injury: 5 Lessons Learned

It has been a long time coming, but below I have developed a list of the five most important lessons learned as a result of this injury. My hope is that if the time comes for you to deal with an injury, you can reflect upon the wisdom of injured trainees like myself and keep yourself from losing too much ground.