Today is another Bring a Friend workout. Does not count as a weekly visit. A great chance to introduce friends and family to CrossFit.

Team Workout

In teams of four, complete As Many Rounds and reps As Possible (AMRAP) in 24 minutes of:
Run 200 Meters
Push-Ups x 20 reps
Walking Lunges with Dumbbells x 25m
Box Jumps x 20 reps

Teams must rotate stations as a team, with only one team member working at each station.

You cannot begin working on your next task until all team members have completed their station tasks and are ready to move on.

Thus, you must work as a team, communicate effectively and motivate your teammates to keep moving throughout the 24 minutes.

Yoga Skills Session at 10am


Yoga Skills Session 10am Saturday Feb 8th with Megan.

Yoga for your healthy shoulders workshop: Using basic yoga poses to strengthen and release the shoulders, chest and upper back

In this workshop, we’ll do a quick introduction to the most familiar yoga poses as a warm-up.

We’ll then focus on how to improve strength and stamina for press-ups. In particular, how basic yoga poses can help you learn to feel and engage the muscles of the back, core and entire shoulder joint when using the shoulder, whether it’s press-ups, handstands and beyond.  Ultimately, our goal is to learn how to protect the shoulder joint and effectively use your body when you’re moving. We’ll also cover some common misalignments.

In the second half, we’ll work through a variety of poses designed to stretch and release the shoulders. This will include opening the chest and back along with some gentle releases for the shoulder joint. The goal is to give you exercises for practicing at home and at the end of a workout that promote recovery and movement.

This is an interactive workshop, trying out poses, working to feels subtle differences in your body and asking lots of questions!


We are hosting our first official Olympic Weightlifting Comp on Sunday Feb 16th. This will be part of the Olympic Weightlifting New Zealand Club Champions League. It will enable our referees to take the second step towards being fully qualified. If you want to lift, help or just watch let us know. Lifters please sign up using the button below.


Oly Comp warm up