Bench Press 5 x 5 @ 65-75-80-80-80%

Finish with a 10 min AMRAP of:

9 Push Ups

12 Squats

15 KBS 24/16kg


The AbMat Is Awesome – Here’s Why

Before we even get into the reason for the AbMat, let’s talk about the abdominal muscles. Yes, they’re super hot and sexy when developed, and we all want them without having to give up beer and gluten. (Good luck with that.) But there’s some basic anatomy that needs to be understood. The anterior and lateral trunk muscles function in multiple ways: they support the abdominal viscera (that’s what holds your insides together), breathing, and they are concerned with trunk movements of flexion, lateral bending, and rotation.

Oly Comp

Oly Comp warm up

Olympic Weightlifting Comp – Sun Feb 16

This will be the first of 5 comps we are holding as part of the Olympic Weightlifting New Zealand Champions League.