The Petone Fair is on today, we will be open as normal with a workout at 9am then Open Gym from 10am. We will also have a stall down by Speights so come in, workout, enjoy the fair and visit Donna and her crew on Jackson Street.

On Sunday we are holding the first of 5 Olympic Weightlifting comps we are holding as part of the Olympic Weightlifting New Zealand Champions League. If you want to help out or just come down to support feel free to come in to the gym. Weigh in starts at 9am, lifting will start at 11am.

Fight Gone Stronman

Team up and using the “Fight Gone Bad” timing protocol, look forward to moving tires, kettlebells, stones and fat bars in a variety of ways.


What Strength Training Means to Me: How a Bookish Girl Became a Lifter and Coach

My approach to strength training has been shaped largely by my experiences. There really is no better place to learn than under the bar. I don’t intend this to sound fatuous. My background is book learning and as a young adult I was very successful academically.

I have a degree in English Literature from Cambridge University and if you’d told me twenty years ago that I would end up building a career and a successful business in such a practical, visceral realm as strength training, I’d have thought you were mad.