This is the first of 5 rounds of the Olympic Weightlifting New Zealand Club Champions League. It is also the second step in getting some of our coaches and members qualified as referees.

Weigh in will start at 9am with lifting starting a 11am. We still have spots available if you want to lift, so come down get weighed in and start warming up.

All are welcome to come down to spectate, you might also find yourself helping out 🙂


Sunday Reading

5 Reasons to full squat

The full squat is one of the most basic and fundamental human postures. Due to industrialized society’s heavy reliance on chairs and modern footwear however, it has become a position that many people have difficulty achieving.

The magic is in the (quality) movements

If you are getting paid or sponsored (or have a reasonable opportunity to get paid or sponsored), then you have legitimate grounds to consider CrossFit a sport. But otherwise, it’s just working out.

 Missing lifts in training

What percentage of your lifts in training are misses? If you know an actual number, you’re spending too much time on the math and not enough on the lifting, but if it’s a big chunk, you’re probably aware of it.