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The 2014 season begins with the worldwide Open competition. Everyone in the world is invited to compete in five workouts over five weeks, posting their scores online in real time. Last year, almost 140,000 athletes competed in the Open.

Competitors will be ranked both worldwide and by region. The fittest 48 men, 48 women, and 30 teams from each region will earn invitations to one of 17 Regionals. This is the first chance athletes will have in 2014 to establish their international standings.

10 Reasons to do the Open

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It is one of the biggest “community building” events in CrossFit, it’s a chance to meet new people, push yourself to the limits, its a stepping stone to regionals and a chance to see a the best version of yourself competing up against the rest of the world’s CrossFit athletes.

When can I do the workouts?

Straight after the live announcement on Fridays at 2pm

Saturday mornings from 10am.

Sunday mornings from 11am.

Sign up to these times on Influx.

If you can’t possibly make these times talk with Matt to see what we can do to ensure you can post a score each week.

How do the workouts run?

Sign up as usual on Influx, if you are registered this will be a free class and will not count as a weekly visit. You will be paired up with someone to make sure you are keeping to the standards and to keep score for you. Standards for the movements and the workout itself will be thoroughly briefed.

Sunday Reading

Be a Good Gym Member: Safety, Respect and Taking Care of Equipment

The way you treat the equipment in your gym says a lot about you, not just as an athlete, but as a person. Whether or not you know it, you’re being judged, and if it’s by me, it’s probably harshly. For those of you with good hearts, but not enough experience to know proper facility etiquette yet, here is a handy list of rules to help you take care of the gym you train in, show the people around you that you care, and be safe.

 Integrity in Competition: A Manifesto for Athletes, Coaches, and Judges

Competition can do strange things to people. I’ve seen it happen time and again. When the stakes are raised, the competitive claws come out – athletes go ape, coaches go crazy, judges get jumpy, and it can sometimes feel like everyone has drunk a little too much competitive spirit. Rarely is this intentional, of course. But it still serves to have a reminder of what we expect from ourselves and each other as athletes, coaches, and judges when it comes to competition time. In fact, I can sum up my expectation for each of those three groups in just one word: integrity.

So You Want to Be a CrossFit Judge? 7 Tips to Help You Make the Right Decisions

As the CrossFit Open approaches, more CrossFit trainers will be taking the CrossFit judges course to become certified judges. Even though the course gives you a basic blueprint, nothing can outweigh actual experience. My first year judging was not an easy one, and I was lucky to have a mentor by my side to show me the ins and outs of judging and how to make the correct calls. I’m going to share some of what I learned, and hopefully these tips will help you make the best decisions too. Because as a judge, you can have the power to send elite athletes to regionals or keep them at home.