Five rounds for time of:
15′ Rope climb, 3 ascents
10 Toes to bar
21 Walking lunge steps with 20/15kg plate held overhead
Run 400 meters

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Events – The Open is Over 🙁

First off congratulations to all those who participated in all five workouts, it has been a long five weeks and it has been great to watch you hit the workout floor and do your best to take on some tough workouts. Especially 14.5 that one was “emotional” in every sense of the word.

Congratulations also to those who looked at a couple of the workouts and said “no, not going to do this one Rx.” It is not worth injury just to get a workout done, work smarter has always been one of MaD CrossFit’s bylines and you were being smart.

It is always interesting to see what the Open brings out of folks. We saw some PR’s by people who were sure they wouldn’t get one rep, but they did get one, then another and then maybe some more. The Open makes you push that little bit harder, so all those who PR’d, well done. It tests you mentally as well as physically, pushing harder to get that one more rep despite the pain or in the case of 14.5 just getting the workout finished.

Huge thanks to all our judges, especially those who weren’t taking part in the Open or who weren’t working out that day. You guys make it so much easier for us and the athletes, so thank you.

Also thanks to those who came out to support, those cheers don’t go unnoticed.

If you couldn’t make the live announcements on Friday’s you missed out on some good times. Amy P was at every one and then hit the workout straight afterwards, nothing like being thrown in the deep end with little time to warm up or strategise.

For those who want to drill down on the leaderboards here they are:

MaD Team

MaD Men

MaD Women

Once again a huge thanks to all those who took part or helped out with running the workouts. We couldn’t do this without you 🙂 Now you have a year to work on the weaknesses that this year exposed and we will do it all again – well maybe not 14.5 if that comes up 🙂