Fun times at yesterdays partner workout

Saturday Zombies

A few schedule changes coming up in the next two weeks.

Friday 18 Apr – Evening classes ONLY
Saturday 19 and Sunday 20 Apr CLOSED
Mon 21 Apr – Evening classes ONLY

Friday 25 Apr Evening classes ONLY

Sunday Reading

When to Move on, and When to Punch Your Missed Lift in its Stupid Little Mouth

There are times in a lifter’s life when lifts aren’t made. These times are, of course, the absolute worst, and in those moments following a missed lift, athletes can generally find indisputable proof that they’ll never again succeed, why their abilities have already peaked and they’re finally and terminally on the decline, and why, being in such a stage of life, they no longer have any value to the world.

The 4 Most Common Issues in Coaching and Learning Gymnastics

So now that we’ve talked about ROM, I can finish out by highlighting a piece that ties back into the first couple points: not understanding or being able to maintain proper positioning through a range of motion. Most people can be brought up to speed pretty quickly on basic anatomical positioning cues.

Do Not Go Gentle Into That Good Night (Or How to Grow Older Disgracefully)

I don’t know about any of you, but I do not act my age. I am stronger, faster, fitter, and in better shape than I have been at any point previously in my 51 years, so why would I? When I was 28, I could bench 235lbs. At 51, I can bench about 280 for a single. (Not that one’s bench press is the “bro-test” in CrossFit, but it’s all I have to measure against my 28-year-old self).