Bench Day!

Bench Press 3-3-3+

This is our last day on 5-3-1. We are going to  take a couple of short weeks to deload and play with conditioning. Then we are launching a few changes to the program and our build up to BaD As.

Then 3 Rounds For max Reps of:

30 Seconds KB Swings 24/16kg

30 Sec Rest

30 Sec Box Jumps 24/20”

30 Sec Rest

30 Sec Body Rows

30 sec Rest

Mobility Monday

Pinchy Hip Pain

Are you suffering from pinchy, tight front of hip pain that is aggravated by squatting? You’re not alone!!This is quite a common complaint in the CrossFit world, especially when people start squatting with increased volume and load without adequate technique and/or mobility.