By special request, today is Hopper Deck Day

Like the previous Hopper Deck sessions we will be selecting a workout from the “Hopper Deck”. Everyone has to agree to the workout, otherwise it is 10 Burpees to draw another card.

If the next class wants to do the same workout as the previous one there is a 10 burpee buy in. Otherwise they can take a chance and draw their own card.

REMINDER – Evening Classes Only! However………………..

One year on from the Boston Marathon bombing, at 10am Donna and I will be standing strong with our friends in Boston with this workout. You are more than welcome to join us.

“Marathon Monday”

5 Rounds
4 Squat Clean and Jerks (185,125#)
15 Chest to Bar Pull-ups
13 Burpee lateral jumps
After 5 rounds are complete:
800m run

Your time is your total time for all 5 rounds plus the 800m sprint.

CrossFit Southie has programmed this workout and organized a fundraising page to help the Richard family that lost their son Martin William Richard. Denise and Jane Richard, Mother and sister of Martin, also suffered significant injuries and have a long battle ahead of them as well.

Boston was Donna’s big city growing up. She lived in Massachusetts for 35 years. CrossFit Boston was “our” box in Boston. Come on down and join us and show that you to are Boston Strong. This does not count as a weekly visit, ALL are welcome.

Mobility Monday

5 Steps for healing low back pain

The point of these drills is to bring to your attention what is going on at your hips.  Far too often your body is giving you signs but you don’t stop to listen until AFTER an injury forces you to.   Here are 3 common hip deviations that occur within the population who has an affinity for heavy deads and squats!