Since there are only 3 normal days this week we are staying on a conditioning focus for a few more days.

For today:

Lunge 30m – 21 Pull Ups – 21 Sit Ups

Lunge 30m – 18 Pull Ups – 18 Sit Ups

Lunge 30m – 15 Pull Ups – 15 Sit Ups

Lunge 30m – 12 Pull Ups – 12 Sit Ups

Lunge 30m – 9 Pull Ups – 9 Sit Ups

Lunge 30m – 6 Pull Ups – 6 Sit Ups


A few of you might need this after yesterday and today: How to Treat Hand Rips

If you have been training hard lately, most likely you have formed calluses on your hands. To help you “pre-hab,” we already shared some tips on how best to take care of your hands, including shaving down those calluses regularly and washing and moisturizing your hands accordingly. But just in case you do rip your hands (because maybe you have been practicing those bar muscle ups and/or fat bar thrusters recently), it is possible to continue training — read on to find out how.