How are you enjoying the dual programming? We are adding a focus to each week as well. This week is Tires or Tyres depending where you come from. Coaches will throw them into warm ups and skills, so expect to be flipping, dragging, hitting and jumping on some rubber this week.

Performance – don’t worry only a couple more 5 x 5 sessions to go πŸ™‚

Clean 5 x 5 @65-75-80-80-80% Try to receive in the bottom, if you can’t then stick the catch and then complete the front squat.


Front Squat 45/30kg



Power Clean 3 x 5 – work up to a heavy set of 3. May be taken from the hang if you are not confident from the floor.


Front Squat 40/25kg

HR Push Up

Mobility Monday

Mobility for People who Hate Doing Mobility

Let’s be honest, in the sport of Olympic Weightlifting, being more mobile is something that will help out about 95% of the people who participate in the sport. Yes, there are some people who are hypermobile. I have only seen a few of these people in my time, but obviously if you are one of them, you just don’t need to read this. (You, however, probably need to do some curls to tighten up those arms.) I have personally watched guys in their 20s who are already very mobile spend 45 minutes doing mobility work, then spend about 20 minutes on actual hard lifting.