With a partner complete AMRAP in 3 rounds of:

KBS 24/16kg

Pull Ups

PP 40/30kg

Jumping Lunge


Scaled as required.  1 partner works at a time for a minute at each station.  Partner 1 does 1 minute of KBS then partner 2 does 1 min of KBS then partner 1 does 1 minute of pull ups and so on until 30 minutes has elapsed.

10am Skill Session

Skill this week is row technique, then we will finish with a Fish Game tournament 🙂



15 Things I wish Everyone Knew about Strength

#1: Lifting wimpy weights gets you nowhere. To get stronger, you need to “overload” your muscles with weights that you don’t handle on a daily basis.
 Studies show people sell themselves way short when picking their weights—they tend to be 30 to 50 percent lighter than is necessary to build strength and muscle.