This weeks focus: Stones. Be prepared to load, shoulder and carry your pet rock (or slamball)


Jerk 3 x 5 @70-80-85-85-85%


10! KBS 24/16kg

1 Suicide 0-5-10-15m


Push Press 5 x 5 work up to a heavy set of 5


10! KB Russian Swings 24/16

1 Suicide 0-5-10-15m

Mobility Monday

Squat Therapy: 4 Drills That Will Improve Your Squat

Each drill will include use of an external object to help you achieve an ideal squat position. As well as helping your body to be able to hit and maintain these optimal positions, these drills will help your body to understand what your squat is meant to look and feel like, which has untold benefits.