Bench Day!


Bench Press 3 x 5 @ 70-80-85-85-85%


10 min AMRAP

10 Ground to Overhead 50/35kg

20 WTD Lunge 20/15kg


Bench Press 3 x 5 – work up to a heavy triple


10 min AMRAP

10 Hang Power Clean 45/30kg

20 Lunge Steps


Differences, Commonalities and the People’s Front of Judea

Take a look at real-food diets falling under various labels – Paleo, Primal, Weston A. Price, the Atkins Diet (as it’s designed now), the Perfect Health Diet – and there’s a helluva lot of commonality:  Eat whole foods, not processed food-like substances.  Most of your energy should come from fat, not glucose.  The Lipid Hypothesis is hogwash, cholesterol is not your enemy, and high cholesterol isn’t a disease that requires medicating.  Natural fats, including saturated fats, are good for you.