Yes you read that right. It is a rest day today. We are closed. See you tomorrow at 5pm or 6:30pm ONLY

BaD As V

BaD As V Results board

Official results will be posted later today, in the meantime here is the board. Also make sure you check out Maori TV tonight at 5pm and if you miss that, 7pm and 11pm. If you miss all that, it will be online on Monday.


Thank you to all our volunteers:




















Without you,  the day would not have run so smoothly. We really appreciate all your help.


Congratulations to our winners:

1st with a score of 4.08 kg/kg was Emma Pilkington, from CrossFit Central Wellington, a donation of $250 will be made to her charity: NZ Breast Cancer Foundation

2nd with a score of 3.536 kg/kg was Genice Paullay Beazley from CrossFit Waitakere, a donation of $150 will be made to her charity: Look Good Feel Better NZ

3rd with a score of 3.530 kg/kg was Bernie Murch, from CrossFit Auckland, a donation of $100 will be made to Auckland Coastguard

Congratulations for our heaviest lifters:

Back Squat: Cassie Kitt 125kg

Bench Press: Jane Robertson 70kg

Clean & Jerk: Emma Pilkington 82.5kg

Best Strongwoman score: Jacqueline Sheppard 3387kg

Most improved lifter and winner of the Again Faster New Zealand 15kg Women’s Barbell was Cassie Kitt, with an improvement of 30kg from last year 🙂


Watch for photo’s over the next few days as Stephen goes through his 5000+ shots. Big thanks to you for taking such amazing shots!

Next Cycle

Our next strength cycle will be focused on some basic strength movements to help out those who are entered in the Functional Strength Postal Comp. More info and entry form are HERE.

2014 Functional Strength CrossFit Postal


Compete in 1 or compete in both…

The Functional Strength CrossFit Weightlifting Postal Competition is aimed at any CrossFitter at any level that is able to perform a Snatch + Clean & Jerk and/or Back Squat & Deadlift. This is a friendly competition based around participation.

The purpose of the Postal is to encourage more of a focus on Olympic Weightlifting and Strength to improve your CrossFit. This is an opportunity to compare yourself to other CrossFitters by bodyweight and challenge yourself to achieve new personal bests.

Division 1 – Olympic Total

Snatch + Clean & Jerk = Total

Placings by : Body Weight vs Weight lifted (IWF Sinclair formula)

Division 2 – Powerlift Total

Back Squat + Deadlift = Total

Placings by: Body Weight vs Weight lifted (IPF Wilks formula)


Affiliate’s will submit the Athletes best Snatch + Clean & Jerk = Total and/or Backsquat + Deadlift Total achieved during Monday 16th June – Saturday 21st June. Along with Bodyweight at the time of the lift. If lifts are performed separately across the week the lightest body weight (at the time of the lift) across the week will be acceptable to be submitted.

Sunday Reading

Tennis Elbow: What Is It, Do You Have It, and How Do You Treat It?

Tennis elbow – or lateral epicondylitis – is a common injury in many of the athletes who present with elbow pain. As an orthopedic surgeon, I have been treating this problem with greater frequency, especially in the cross-training and CrossFit athletic communities.

You Got a Lot of Freakin Problems

In fact, I can only think of two possible choices when this crap hits you. Here they are:

1) You can curl up in a ball and quit.

2) You can keep working and find a way to fight through it.

Feel free to chime in if you can think of any more. But that’s all I’ve been able to come up with after 25 years of weightlifting. When it’s all said and done, you just have to pick one of those options and go with it.

Personally, I think you should pick #2. But it’s your life. Do whatever you want.

 Not reading

But watch the Regionals feed HERE, especially our old home, the North East, we are cheering for James Hobart our first CrossFit Coach 🙂