Enjoy your sleep in then head to class tonight at either 5pm or 6:30pm, book in as usual on Influx. Powerlifting Course runs as usual at 7:30pm

Partner Workout

Run 200m then 10 Reps each of : Pull Ups, Push Ups, Squats, Sit Ups, Burpees

Run 200m then 9 Reps

Run 200m……down to

1 Rep then Run 200m

Both partners run. Otherwise 1 working at a time, partition the reps as you like.

Mobility Monday

Superhero Stretch

Something I use when appropriate I call the superhero complex: a static spiderman lunge followed by a superman hold (or spiderperson lunge and superperson hold for those of you who find the gender bias of the English language offensive).

Special Mention

A huge thanks to Stephen for his photos from BaD As on Saturday, be sure to check them out on Flikr HERE.