From 10am to Noon. There will be an Olympic Weightlifting option, a Powerlifting option, as well as a CrossFit workout. You can also use this time as an Open Gym Session, just make sure you have a plan.

Open Gym Rules

•Have a plan.
•Know what workout you want to do or lift you want to work.
•The coach is there to help but this is not a personal training session.
•Work your “goats”.

Sunday Reading

The Olympic Weightlifting Squat

The squat is foundational to the Olympic lifts as a position, a movement and a strength exercise. Without a well-developed and consistent squat, neither pulling technique nor pulling power will produce entirely successful Olympic weightlifting. The great natural physical variation among athletes dictates that there will never be a universally perfect prescription for body positioning, but irrespective of this variation, the fundamental principles remain consistent.
You are allowed to use straps when you are performing heavy snatch/clean deadlifts or pulls.  These exercises are usually performed with 100-110% of your 1 RM weights and for multiple reps. That is a lot of yanking on your thumb with big, sexy weights.  So using straps during pulls is totally ok with me.
Fitness is one of those areas where otherwise very bright people can come across as remarkably lost. A person with a law degree can come into the gym and see nothing weird at all about never lifting weights, doing nothing but light jogging on a treadmill for thirty minutes twice a week, never altering their diet other than to add in a lunch time salad, and wondering why they don’t lose weight.