Deadlift 3 x 5 – 70-80-85-85-85%



15 K2E

10 DB HPC 20/15kg

10 DB PP 20/15kg


Deadlift 3 x 5 – work up to a heavy triple



15 Sit Ups

10 DB HPC 15/10kg

10 DB PP 15/10kg


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FS POstal Comp 2014

2014 Functional Strength CrossFit Postal – more details and entry HERE


Compete in 1 or compete in both…

The Functional Strength CrossFit Weightlifting Postal Competition is aimed at any CrossFitter at any level that is able to perform a Snatch + Clean & Jerk and/or Back Squat & Deadlift. This is a friendly competition based around participation.

The purpose of the Postal is to encourage more of a focus on Olympic Weightlifting and Strength to improve your CrossFit. This is an opportunity to compare yourself to other CrossFitters by bodyweight and challenge yourself to achieve new personal bests.

Division 1 – Olympic Total

Snatch + Clean & Jerk = Total

Placings by : Body Weight vs Weight lifted (IWF Sinclair formula)

Division 2 – Powerlift Total

Back Squat + Deadlift = Total

Placings by: Body Weight vs Weight lifted (IPF Wilks formula)


Affiliate’s will submit the Athletes best Snatch + Clean & Jerk = Total and/or Backsquat + Deadlift Total achieved during Monday 16th June – Saturday 21st June. Along with Bodyweight at the time of the lift. If lifts are performed separately across the week the lightest body weight (at the time of the lift) across the week will be acceptable to be submitted.


You can do these lifts in Open Gym or if you are a 41° Weightlifting Club Lifter at the Tue/Thu Sessions. Remember you need to video your lifts, use your smart phone. Otherwise we will be hitting these lifts on Saturday morning during an extended 9am session.