Press 2 x 8 – Work up to a heavy double aim for 93% of your 1RM

10 Min AMRAP

5 Posh Press 40/30kg

10 Pistols (5/side)

15 Double Unders


Press 4 x 4 – Work up to a heavy set of 4. Try to see if you can get 4 reps at your heavy triple number

10 Min AMRAP

5 Push Press 30/20kg

10 Squats

30 Single Skips

No Sunday Strength Session this week, as we are hosting 41° Weightlifting Clubs June Olympic Weightlifting Competition. Come lend your support for the lifters or even lend a hand bar loading. Lifting starts at 10am.


Making weight, the healthy way

“Making weight” is a reality for many sports like weightlifting, boxing, wrestling. As many of us delve deeper in this rabbit hole of living the Whole9 Life it is natural to question whether this is indeed a healthful practice. Jamie and I wrote about our experience using the real food approach in preparing an MMA fighter. We all took some valuable lessons working with the team and I hope to share some of those insights with you.