Team Workout

120 Front Squat 60/35kg

200m Plate Carry 20/15kg

120 Shoulder to OH 60/35kg

200m Plate Carry 20/15kg

120 Deadlifts 100/65kg

200m Plate Carry 20/15kg

Teams of 3. One working at a time except for the plate carry which is done as a team. All 3 have a plate and cannot move on until all are back in the gym. Only 1 bar per team unless they are mixed. For example an all male team gets 1 x 20kg bar and 5 x 20kg bumpers.

No Sunday Strength Session tomorrow, as we are hosting 41° Weightlifting Clubs June Olympic Weightlifting Competition. Come lend your support for the lifters or even lend a hand bar loading. Lifting starts at 10am.

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