Oly Comp

Today we are hosting 41° Weightlifting Clubs 5th Oly Comp of the year. Two sessions, ladies lift at 10am, men lift at Noon. Come on down and support the lifters on the platform. We have lifters from 3 different CrossFit Gyms and Wellington Weightlifting Association. Next Comp will be August 31st.


Sunday Reading

How Well Can You Move?

If you win the WOD, but you moved like shit, there will be consequences. If you get a PR but your form was horrendous, you’ll eventually pay. You might not feel the pain right away, but you will at some point. In your back, or your knees, or your shoulders, or wherever. Bad movement extracts its price sooner or later. And the price is often high.

Dos and Don’ts of Meet Day

    Do make your opener.  If you’re best ever snatch is 100k opening with 99k is a risky endeavor. Personally I like 5k under my current best but your coach should know best.

Working Out Isn’t Enough: Advice for Desk Workers

A recent survey found that the number one complaint among desk workers was lack of physical activity. Over half of the workers noted this disadvantage. The primary complaint among non-desk workers was exhaustion from being on their feet all day. Ironic, right?