If you need guidance with the body weight warm up or working up to a 1 Rep Max, check out yesterdays post HERE


Press – work up to a 1 Rep Max

Then 5 Rounds For Time of:

8 Front Squats 60/40kg

10 Box Jump Overs 24/20”


Press 2 x 8 – work up to a heavy double

Then 5 RFT of:

8 Front Squats 35/25kg

10 Box Jumps 24/20″


16 Things that affect your gut bacteria

It turns out that the food we eat, the amount of sun we get, whether we eat organic or not, the supplements we take, and even the kind of nuts or chocolate we decide to eat – just to name a few factors – can change the composition and function of our gut microbiota for the good or for the bad. We may still have a lot to learn about this gut stuff, but the bulk of the evidence says that we do have the power (and responsibility if you care to be healthy) to affect the health of our gut microbiota.