Another Saturday team session

Teams of 3, One working at a time.
200 Calories on the rower
300 Push Ups
400 KBs 24/16kg

10am Skill Session

Come on down and play with the Strongman toys.

Team Competition

FRF Open day

Functional Results Fitness Open Day – July 12th

“We are holding our official launch and open day on Saturday 12th July.

We will open our doors to the public but also 12 local CrossFit boxes will be competing in a friendly  team skirmish.

Each box will send 2 guys and 2 girls to come and represent them. The workouts are designed to use all aspects of CrossFit and put on a showcase for those of the public who want to see first hand what CrossFit is all about.”

MaD CF Team is: Woodrow, Casey, Tash and Jo G. Heats start at 10am and run to around 2pm. Please head down to support the MaD CrossFit crew if you can. 60-66 Kingsford Smith Street, Lyall Bay. More info HERE.


Olympic Weightlifting Skill Levels Chart

Use this chart as a way to help yourself set goals for your lifting more than as a diagnostic tool for lift relationships.